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My Story

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The singer-songwriter and guitarist Philip James has been busy creating unique releases such as his debut solo EP, Music As Addiction. Filled with hypnotic vocal melodies and infectious guitar hooks, James showcases his passion and love for music within the six-track release.

Having grown up in New York and currently residing in San Diego, James has been influenced by various Jazz, Rock, and Blues artists, which you can hear within his own work. This inspiration has allowed him to create genre-bending music in which anyone can very quickly and easily fall in love with.

Philip James is heavily dedicated towards creating music that resonates with many and he utilizes his love for creating as a platform to help those in need. He connects with music on a level that is not often found in others. Believing in the emotional and healing power that lies within music as an art form, James continues to craft songs that everyone can appreciate and connect with.

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